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SRI Model of the Coronovirus Pandemic!AmP9fBzqVST-grdR10VwiIna_m4kBA?e=co2lV7 Spreadsheet solves the three differential equations of the SIR Model and Uses Curve fitting of actual death and case data to determine the two SIR Model constants to make predictions of the date and number of deaths when the peak number of infections occur. Email me at to receive a copy of the spreadsheet on the SIR Model Down load Spreadsheet from!AmP9fBzqVST-grdIcHiCTyrl9BPxNw?e=2iqnW9

Download Chart from!AmP9fBzqVST-grdR10VwiIna_m4kBA?e=cdWBAR


Published Paper on Results of the SIR Model Study

A study performed on Dec 8, 2020 Predicts Catastrophic Number of Deaths Before During the Period of the Roll Out of the Vaccines

Download the article from!AmP9fBzqVST-grdJdxTByaU-OWEFvQ?e=mUTkCN

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